Whenever I go to the States my friends love to mock my Australian vocabulary – so mean! I am still not quite sure what is so hilarious about swimming in a swimming costume (or swimmers) nor am I convinced that a bathing suit (or bathers) is any more sensible a term. I was mocked for swimming in a “costume” but seriously you guys swim in a “suit”!

Anyway I have decided, in the interests of peace, harmony and cultural exchange, to include a glossary to help out my American friends. And for fun I haven’t limited it solely to food terms. Enjoy! And feel free to post any additions in the comments so I can add them to the list.

Biscuit Cookie
Beetroot Beets
Bottle-o (Bottle shop) Liquor store
Butter beans Lima beans
Capsicum Bell peppers
Chickpeas Garbanzo
Coriander Cilantro
Eggplant Aubergine
Frying pan Skillet
Golden syrup Corn syrup
Jam Jelly
Jelly Jello
Jumper Sweater
Paw paw Papaya
Rocket Arugula
Rockmelon Canteloupe
Servo (Service station) Gas station
Spring onions Scallions/Green onions
Sweet potato Yam or Kumera
Swimmers Bathers
Tomato sauce Ketchup
Zucchini Courgette


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